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Water-side Economizer Cooling Italy

ECONOMAX is one of the well knows companies specialized in water-side economizer cooling systems in Italy.

When selecting a water-side economizer cooling solution, the optimal thing to do is dependent on different factors and preferences including available infrastructure, climate region, redundancy requirements, ability to support different equipment, and available capital versus operating budget.

Evaporative Tower: Economizer Cooling

Water-side Economizer Cooling ItalyEvaporative Tower Economizer Cooling is comprised of a closed loop evaporative cooling tower (fan speed controlled based on fluid temperature), a constant speed pump, and water cooled free cooling CRACs (consisting of both a DX and a water/glycol free cooling coil).
Our cooling System uses a Chiller, a Closed Loop Evaporative cooling tower, and several speed pumps packaged with modulating valves to achieve the maximum efficiency. It’s not only an infrastructure, but a design philosophy created to optimize every piece of equipment in order to operate at the highest efficiency and lowest power usage through the whole year. This is achieved using full containment and a warm water cooling strategy maximizing economizer and minimizing chiller assist hours, ensuring that chiller loading is kept to a minimum.

Our machines utilize full containment to ensure that all heat is captured and returned to the unit. Capturing all of the server heat increases the return air temperature to the unit. This increased return air temperature allows the elevation of the supply water temperature. This warm water temperature allows for increased economizer hours as the warmer fluid temperature is above the ambient temperature for more hours every year.

With the ECONOMAX water-side economizer cooling made in Italy, operating under optimized conditions, it is clear that the system provide state-of-the-art efficiency and contribute to some of the lowest PUE numbers found in the industry of ice-cream shops.

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