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Water Recovery Machine Suppliers Italy

ECONOMAX® company is one of the most well known water recovery machine suppliers in Italy.

Water is a very precious good to be used in a conservative way, with respect of the environment and its resources.
The concerned ecological culture has pushed planners and researchers in recent years to create solutions for water saving in the domestic circle as well as the industrial world, like in the ice cream shop business.

ECONOMAX® water recovery machine is an effective system that reduces by 95%, the use of drinkable water, totally eliminating waste, and this is why we are one of the best water recovery machine suppliers in Italy.
The closed circuit system of our economizers provides a cooling process that is autonomous from the water network, allowing at the same time considerable avings on electric energy use, thanks to a device that activates a stand by mode, once the required temperature is reached.

Water Recovery Cooling Towers

Water Recovery Machine Suppliers ItalyECONOMAX® is the economic solution for cooling of refrigeration equipment designed by MITA, a company specializing in the design, and sale of technical equipment for ice cream and pastry shops and public facilities. By combining our expertise and several years of experience, with strong environmental concerns, our company offers an innovative closed circuit system really safe and easy to use: it and allows water to be recovered for the cooling of refrigeration equipment, which turns the cost of water consumption into a profit. In order to satisfy customer needs, ECONOMAX® water economizers are offered in several models that vary in size and power based on the number of machines needed and the available space.

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