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This is how our water economizers made in Italy work. A semi-closed circuit is created, that connects input and output from the workroom’s machines with the two main hot and cold water collectors. Through them, water flows into the cooling tower, is cooled down and is then sent to the system.

All instructions and specific information on the correct installation of our water economizers made in Italy are provided after purchase, with the direct technical support of the ECONOMAX® personnel. Moreover, any necessary information is contained in the User’s Manual supplied with the machine.

Water Economizers Italy


The dissipation of heat subtracted from the machines is carried out simply by low temperature vapour.

The internal installation is made by channelling the tower output towards the outside through a metal tube of suitable diameter. The outgoing saturated air does not contain pollutants and does not require the use of external splits.


The tower can be positioned outside the workroom, for example by placing it in a courtyard, in an open space or on the roof.

The only hole necessary in this case is one for the two main input and output collectors between the tower and the workroom machines. The fiberglass case protects the machine and all its parts from any weather conditions, ensuring unparalleled durability.

Moreover, the tower can be exposed to direct sunlight without substantially altering its performance.