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Ice Cream Shop Cooling Towers Italy

Cooling towers provide evaporative cooling for many types of systems. ECONOMAX® specializes in one specific application: ice cream shops cooling towers in Italy.

Ice Cream Shop Cooling Towers ItalyOur ice cream shop cooling towers reject heat from water cooled systems to the atmosphere. Hot water coming from the system enters the cooling tower and is then distributed over the fill (heat transfer surface). Air is induced or literally forced through the fill, causing a small amount of the water to evaporate. This evaporation removes all the heat from the remaining water, which is collected in the cold water basin and returned to the original system, to absorb again more heat. Each cooling tower line, although operating under the same principle of operation, is arranged a little differently.

Cooling Towers: Induced Draft

The axial fans of induced draft equipment are mounted in the top deck of the unit, minimizing the impact of the fan noises on nearby neighbors and providing a great protection from fan, icing with units operating in sub freezing conditions. The use of corrosion resistant materials ensures long life and minimizes maintenance requirements for the air handling components.

Cooling Towers: Forced Draft

The axial fans are located on the air inlet face at the base of forced draft towers, facilitating easy access for routine maintenance and service. Additionally, the location of these components in the dry entering air stream extends component life by isolating them from the saturated discharge air.

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