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Centrifugal Cooling Tower Italy

ECONOMAX® is a company who sells centrifugal cooling towers in Italy. A cooling tower is an indispensable accessory that can remove the heat created by machines used to make ice-cream. The freezing process of ice cream is very similar to what an air conditioner does. Ice-cream machines generate heat that needs to be blown out of the room,, in the same way the heat that is blown out of the room by an air-conditioner.

It is an exchange of heat where air-conditioning uses the heat of the room and cools it, then throws the unwanted heat out. The ice-cream machine steals heat from the product, and needs to then also throw this heat out of the room. If this heat is not thrown out into the environment, the machines will surely overheat, causing lost of efficiency or even stop working.

How To use a Cooling Tower System

Centrifugal Cooling Tower Suppliers Italy

We are cooling towers suppliers in Italy since 2016, and we have several solutions to this problem. There are different ways to remove heat from the room. The first is through a simple radiator, known as the air condenser, that consists of aluminum fins and must be directed outwards. In air-conditioners the radiators that generate the heat are set outside the building. In ice-cream machines the radiator is set at the bottom of the cabinet itself, hence the need to leave these machines facing a door or window vent.
The second way to remove this heat from the enclosure is to use a water circulation through a centrifugal cooling tower system: the water passes in the ice-cream machine and is pumped into the cooling tower. This centrifugal  cooling tower is located outside the grounds, usually in high places and is well ventilated.

This system has a huge advantage over the “air cooler” because water can be maintained at a temperature lower that the temperature of air, which gives a more powerful heat exchange. Besides being a silent system it is also completely clean.

This is where the water centrifugal cooling tower comes in handy. It is simply nothing more than a spray of hot water with a flow of air in a reverse flow chiller. The hot water coming from the ice-cream/popsicle machine is sprayed and cooled by a powerful fan, returning the machine to the required cold temperature.

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