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Founded in Milan in 1960, MITA designs, produces and sells a water cooling system for ice cream shops in Italy, for industrial and public use with open and closed circuit, evaporative condensers, adiabatic coolers and condensers, full industrial cooling systems. MITA offers its clients competence and technical know-how acquired over more than 50 years of experience in the field of cooling water and is proud of installing more than 25,000 machines all over Europe. In addition to a wide range of standard models, MITA offers customized solutions for each client, it is constantly involved in the research and design of technologically innovative models and solutions focused on saving energy and protecting the environment. Torraval Cooling joined MITA in 2012. Torraval is a Spanish company that has been active in the field of industrial evaporative cooling since 1967.

Water Cooling System for Ice Cream Shops

In 2016, MITA created the ECONOMAX® internal division. Its aim is that of offering concrete solutions to water waste in the world of artisan ice cream with a water cooling system for ice cream shops in Italy, bringing MITA’s industrial technology to artisans and master ice cream makers in Italy and in the world. Following MITA philosophy, ECONOMAX® machines are fully produced and assembled in Italy.